Our state of the art, well managed ISO-22000-2005 Certified. HACCP Certified (FSMS – Codex Alimentarius) and IPD Certified facilities are located in Adama, Ethiopia. They are in a prime location just a few meters from the Djibouti Railway Station.

Our facilities include the the following:

  • Tote Bag Packaging plant
  • Modern processing plant
  • Modern enclosed warehouse
  • Fully automated cleaning facilities
  • Modern Clean Retail Packaging Faclities
  • Easy transportation and amenities
  • Employee Facilities
  • Computerized Processing equipment
  • Clean Storage

Our Machinery

Click on the video above to see our fully automated cleaning line with color sorter in action.

The sorting and cleaning machinery are from Europe and highly equipped with hi-tech technology that includes:

  • 10 ton per hour automatic color sorter
  • Pre-cleaner
  • Super cleaner/ Delta (Computerized)
  • Destoner
  • Grader (for separating sizes)
  • Automatic cleaning line with color sorter
  • Gravity separator
  • Automatic weight scale/Bagging (fully automatic)
  • Sensitive Metal detector
  • Hi-tech Meyer color sorter with 10 ton per hour capacity

Our Warehouse

We house a state of the art, clean, and palletized warehouse.

  • Trained staff
  • Secure facilities
  • Spacious, clean storage
  • Palletized, efficient organization
  • HACCP Certification
  • ISO-22000-2005 Certification
  • IDA Certification

Our Lab

In addition to our modern facilities, we house a lab that we use to fully test our products to ensure optimal quality and safety for each of our customers.

Our meticulous attention to quality detail, modernization, cleanliness and safety have earned us an excellent reputation in Ethiopia and abroad. In fact we are the first Ethiopian ISO-22000-2005 Certified and HACCP Certified (FSMS – Codex Alimentarius) exporter! In addition, We have an IPD Certificate Award certifying that we are ready to export to the European Union.

Our Transportation

When we first started, we contracted out all of our transportation. However, with time we found it best to manage our own fleet to help us meet our expectations for safe, clean and reliable delivery. We have continued modernizing and reducing manual handling of products for increased efficiency and cleanliness, as well as cost reductions that can be passed on to our customers.

As the first Ethiopian ISO-22000-2005 Certified and HACCP Certified (FSMS – Codex Alimentarius) exporter, we took many measures to optimize our supply and optimization chain including increased use of forklifts, new specialized transportation vehicles, use of modern loading docks as well as ramps for those instances where a loading dock is not available or appropriate, We are able to leverage our new tote bag packaging equipment and use that to create foklift-compatible pallets for the convenience of our customers abroad, as this is particularly ideal for export to Asia, the Middle East and the European Union.


Delivering High Quality Products!

We are constantly striving to improve our product offerings. We like to innovate and perform stringent quality-control checks to ensure that our products meet or exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers. Our facilities are a key part of that process and we therefore continually improve our facilities and machinery and routinely train and retrain our staff so we can be the number one exporter of clean, high quality, fairly and sustainably sourced Ethiopian agricultural products!