Supporting Ethiopian Farmers

“Tullu Filicha is a senior farmer in Shashemene area engaged in farming of red kidney beans (RKB). He has been one of the suppliers to my company since 2013. In fact Tullu was knowledgeable about the business he is doing since 2002 and he is the one who gave me the inspiration at the beginning. During the course of our business, we helped him understand the different varieties of red beans available. This helped to keep uniformity in size, color and texture for export market. On top of this, we trained him in our lab to help him understand how we control quality of beans and what he is supposed to do during farming, collection and preparation to sell to our company. Tullu is very much conscious and growth driven by now. He is among top preferred supplier to us and we also count on him for supply from his side.
His knowledge has improved, and so does his income. He doesn’t have big worries about selling his beans as we already buy from him.”

Edao Abdi, Founder and General Manager
Tullu Filicha, beans farmer from Shashamene, Ethiopia